BIG Bonus Event (Only from March 28 to April 13) - Opportunity to increase income with cheap price. Get Bonus 0.6 BTC When Buying a Gold,Platinum,Diamond Plan ( Instant credited to balance)

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Check out our Mining Plans and choose the best option for you. Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll start mining immediately. You can start with Iron plan if you want and upgrade later.


0.002 BTC

  • 0.00004 BTC per day
  • Bonus 5 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.0008 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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0.003 BTC

  • 0.00008 BTC per day
  • Bonus 10 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.0015 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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Gold vip

0.006 BTC

  • 0.00016 BTC per day
  • Bonus 15 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.0025 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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0.008 BTC

  • 0.00018 BTC per day
  • Bonus 18 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.0027 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited Quantity
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0.025 BTC

  • 0.00075 BTC per day
  • Bonus 20 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.009 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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0.05 BTC

  • 0.0016 BTC per day
  • Bonus 40 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.02 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited Quantity
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0.2 BTC

  • 0.011 BTC per day
  • Bonus 80 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.066 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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0.3 BTC

  • 0.0325 BTC per day
  • Bonus 90 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.09 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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0.48 BTC

  • 0.07 BTC per day
  • Bonus 100 lucky spins
  • Bonus: 0.2 BTC
  • Period 180 days
  • Unlimited quantity
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Last Payouts

This table shows real-time payouts to our customers. Just order Bitcoin mining plan and join to successful people who earned bitcoin on the top of nowadays technology!

Date Amount Address Plan TXID
13 Hour ago 0.02517342 1LnWswq286borga1eNXggEaSWnBid3Xano FREE,PLATINUM 0e36b121966e647
13 Hour ago 0.05297323 1DXjBBQASeBQzk9pLCD9Ay1UJmJLG4wAbY FREE,DIAMOND b23ed9bb28d27ad
13 Hour ago 0.00821592 38kCBDgpeLkrnKgc1ZtPFTdqYLdjYTWXnb FREE,ENTERPRISE a19481aa882085a
13 Hour ago 0.00684859 1LmkCXGPTYgLFB7fZh3hc8Qqd6UY5R58U6 FREE,GOLD VIP b2f3e40134dcd13
15 Hour ago 0.02966914 18kp7LvHSgvoYGUxTkpqqP8jdeVVK2BwGW FREE,STANDARD e5da09da2c63c80
15 Hour ago 0.612759 1AJePBjoMYvy3yjA1CvzJdLzy32ZmcnbZV FREE,GOLD 8b28f858dd49c0c
15 Hour ago 0.02292987 3GNiNiVA76ePUy4Fp2GsZigFfZSTD2LMh3 FREE,STANDARD 8efeeb52e21735b
15 Hour ago 0.065156 3KdyPJFALrdUeECiqhv4LpznoQJ4c5EddQ FREE,DIAMOND 4699408b105bfb9
15 Hour ago 0.62207481 3Lt2UZepUbkEEahWbTV2HPrPA1cDteNCmu FREE,GOLD 230081b80f50916
15 Hour ago 0.01242859 3CoXH4x1VNA2DmiCD3u5wSyiuG5HJBJvoM FREE,PLATINUM 90ff40ecc7dc9d8

Frequently Asking Questions

1. What is BTCCoinFace?

BTCCoinFace - is a smart bitcoin cloud mining service developed for affordable bitcoin mining, meanwhile designed to provide frequent mining payouts within the shortest possible timeframe.

2. How BTCCoinFace works?

Our company continuously maintains mining bitcoin in the field using hardware and the power from several large data centers around the world to minimize costs of electric power. On daily basis our professional analysts manage our assets to convert in into bitcoin on the most profitable price as of Bitcoin is most liquid cryptocurrency at the moment. You will be receiving Bitcoin payouts on daily basis depending on plan you purchased.

3. How do I get started with BTCCoinFace?

To get started, please enter your bitcoin wallet address and start mining . You don't need any special hardware or software or even to keep your own computer on to do cloud mining, we will do the mining on your behalf.

4. How I earn bitcoin with BTCCoinFace?

You are purchasing mining plan and we are mining on your behalf. You will be receiving returns on daily basis depending on amount of your plan.

5. How much can I earn without investments?

You can generate 0.00002000 BTC every day without investments. You can also upgrade your plan to generate up to 0.01100000 BTC every day.

6. What are conditions for profit withdrawal?

There are no conditions for withdrawal. You can withdraw bitcoin whenever your balance reaches the minimum withdrawal.

7. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC .

8. How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

You will earn 1% - 7% every time your referral gets upgrade. The referral commissions with 5 levels of 7% -4% -2% -1% -1% are applied to all plans. The total referral commission is 15%

9. Are there any registration or maintenance fees??

Registration is free and without any maintenance fees.

10. If I pay for an upgrade, how long it will be active?

Free plan active forever. Other plans are active and profitable for 180 days . When a plan expires it will return to the Free plan.

11. Can I have multiple accounts?

You can have only one account.

12. Can I upgrade plan with bitcoin on my balance?

BTCCoinFace currently does not support upgrading from internal BTCCoinFace wallet yet.

13. How to contact us?

You can contact us via contacts page form.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program consists of 5 levels which means you'll be able to get higher affiliate commission for referring more sales.
The referral commissions with 5 levels of 8% -7% -4% -2% -1% are applied to all plans.

bitcoin referral

    Our affiliate program includes many benefits

  • You don`t even need to have your own deposit to enjoy benefits of affiliate program.
  • You will be credited 1% - 7% from each your referral purchased plan.
  • We pay out the affiliate reward instantly in the Bitcoin. Commission is credited to the account balance.
  • With unlimited referrals your earning potential is endless